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Waterproof Light Fixtures - Light fittings or lighting fixture are among the main requirements of a house today. Also called luminaries, they can be utilized to produce artificial lights by the use of electric lamps. Light fixtures have sockets, a body plus a switch in order to create them work, to use it. In addition, it necessitates an electrical connection during the main power source. Light fixtures will also be used as reflectors for directing light in a specific region to make it appear spectacular and appealing, therefore enhancing the beauty of the house.

Waterproof Light Fixtures
Waterproof Light Fixtures

By: HUMITSU CORP | May 26, 2017

Below are some of our projects listed by category. We have also completed many smaller projects such as private condos, homes and small businesses in Thailand 2016.

Resorts and Hotels

  • Anantara Phuket
  • Sheraton Hua hin
  • Soneva Kiri Koh Kood
  • Soneva Fushi Maldives
  • Soneva Jani Maldives
  • Thai Thani Villas Pattaya
  • Napalai Resort Pattaya
  • Sanctuary Luang Prabang Laos
  • Pak Beng Lodge Laos
  • Dolphin Bay Pranburi
  • Noble House Koh Lanta
  • Grand Sole Pattaya
  • Dvaree Beach Jomtien
  • Baan Saen YIndee.

Condo and Developer

  • Pure Na Jomtien
  • Nathanicha Condo Pattaya
  • Matrix developments
  • Siam Ocean Condo
  • CBRE
  • Jones Lang lasalle
  • Phassana Gardens Bangkok
  • Pattaya city
  • Sanctuary Pattaya
  • Exchange Tower Bangkok
  • Riviera Wongamat
  • Riviera Jomtien
  • The Palm Wongamat

Villa Projects  

  • Labua Hua Hin 
  • Red Moun...

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By: HUMITSU CORP | April 07, 2016

  • Company Name: LUXENTOR CO., LTD-KOREA.
  • Address: 101-904, Bucheon Techno Park, 365-1, Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 421-809, Korea.
  • Year Established: 2003
  • Business Typedeveloping, manufacturing and selling led
  • Main products: Electrical Lighting Components
  • Website:

Luxentor Co., Ltd., are developing, manufacturing and selling led aided lightening system including led module, led alley, and led tube for outdoor advertisement, various rating SMPS, electronic transformer, power supplier and controller board formedical equipment, based on Luxentor more than twenty-year-long technology, we will meet your needs with our bestquality. Also, we have established a factory in China and launched its mass-production syste...

By: HUMITSU CORP | March 05, 2016

This is a retrofit factory lighting in India, the LED warehouse lights directly replacement HPS 250W bay light in the.

It's a big project with LED Hightbay Light HMS-HBB-270.

Humitsu LED Highbay Light in India's factory
Humitsu LED Highbay Light in India's factory

By: HUMITSU CORP | March 03, 2016

E39/ E40 80W/100W/120W LED Corn Light 360 replacement 400W/500W/600W metal halide Lowbay lighting fixture in warehouse, pay for itself in less than 07 months.

Current Lighting Fixture(400W MH)

Humitsu LED light (100W LED Corn light)

Current bulb Wattage


LED light wattage


Number of bulbs


Number of LED lights


Operating hours per day


Operating hours per day


Total Watts per day


Total Watts per day


Divided by 1000(KWh)


Divided by 1000(Kwh)


Operating days per month


Operating days per month


Total kWh cost per Month


Total kWh cost


Current KWh cost


Current KWh cost


Per bulb maintenance & Ballast per month




Maintenance & Ballast per month total




Cost per month to operate bulbs


Cost per month to operate bulbs


Cost per month to operate bulbs plus HVAC




Total Annual cost to operate


Total Annual cost to operate


Total annual CO2 emissions(Metric Tons)


Total annual CO2 emissions(Metric Tons)


HVAC loads@15% monthly cost






Total LED savings monthly




Total LED savings annually




Total LED savings percentage




Total CO2 Emissions Reduction


Lowbay light was widely used in warehouse lighting in the past years, the factory owner want to replace existing 400W metal halide bulb by LED bulb without remove the lighting fixture.

By: HUMITSU CORP | March 01, 2016

Humitsu Corporation introduces LED Corn lighting 360, a compact LED retrofit lamp that replaces traditional lamps such as compact fluorescent (CFL), high-pressure sodium (HPS), etc. The LED corn lighting is suitable for applications such as walkways and steps, and can squeeze into spots that other lamps can’t.

The Corn lighting has a AC85-277V, E27/E26/E39/E40 base mounting that integrates LED technology into a powerful energy-saving lamp. The versatile LED corn lighting can be used in indoor or outdoor applications with IP40 or IP64 level.

Retrofitting with the LED corn lighting is a simple, three-step process: 
1) The ballast is disconnected from the current lamp; 
2) Power is fed straight to the socket; 
3) The new LED lamp is installed. Cost...

By: HUMITSU CORP | February 29, 2016

Humitsu LED highbay light 180Watt 5000-5500K day white to replacing 400W metal halide highbay lighting fixtures. Humitsu LED highbay lighting is a great way to reduce emissions, lower your energy bill and save time on bulb replacement.

Humitsu 180W LED highbay light replacement 400W metal halide highbay lighting

By: HUMITSU CORP | February 23, 2016

<所在地> 東京都目黒区


Humitsu LED Street Light by Corn Light 360
Humitsu LED Street Light by Corn Light 360

By: HUMITSU CORP | January 29, 2016

The sluggish global economy triggered the downtrend in the LED industry in 2015, and next year is expected to be just as challenging for manufacturers in the backlight and general lighting market, said Kagusuyuki Akutawa, Chief Legal & IP Officer and Company Board Director of Humitsu (the company) at a press conference held in Mandarin Oriental Taipei, earlier Wednesday.

Even though the market will become increasingly challenging, the top global LED chip maker projected the market would still grow at a moderate pace of about 5% in 2016.

For manufacturers to survive the oncoming “winter” in the industry, Kagusuyuki Akutawa advised LED manufacturers including SMEs to invest in R&D and spend time developing advanced lighting technology....

By: HUMITSU CORP | January 18, 2016

In LED push, Japan to effectively ban fluorescent, incandescent lamp output

The government plans to tighten its energy-efficiency standards for lamps to effectively ban production and imports of fluorescents and incandescents, sources said Thursday.

The move is aimed at promoting the replacement of such lamps with light-emitting diode ones, in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

According to the industry ministry, the adoption rate for LED lamps in Japan came to 9 percent in fiscal 2012, which ended in March 2013, while the government targets achieving almost 100 percent by fiscal 2030.

LED lamps are durable for longer periods of time than other lamps are, and their power consumption is about one eighth of that of incandescents.

But LE...